Holiday club 22-26/07: Little scientists

CHF 85.00CHF 500.00

Holiday club in Summer July 22-26/07 2024

Our team speaks french and english, but most of the holiday club will be in french. Please send an email to to check availability before paying, thank you!

Through games and activities we will explore the world of sciences: the magic of colours, the forces of air and gravity or bubbles. To awaken curiosity through experiments from a very young age, discovery workshops, from the infinitely small to the immensely large… A week to explore and understand the world around us!

Days full of creative activities, discoveries but also outdoor games for all children from 18 months old to 7 years old (siblings aged 9) in 2 different age groups.

Continuous or “à la carte” days with flexible hours:
Full day 7.30am (arrival until 9:20 possible) – 6.30pm 125.00/day
Short day 9am – 4.30pm 100.00/day
Half-day (warm lunch included) 9am (arrival from 7:30 possible) – 2pm 85.00/day

5 day package – full week. 7.30am (arrival until 9:20 possible) -6.30pm. 500/week
5 day package – short days. 9am-4.30pm. 425/week
5 days – half days (warm lunch included) 9am (arrival from 7:30 possible) – 2pm. 350/week

A coworking space is available onsite for parents, open every day with flexible hours (to be defined at the time of arrival).

Please send an email to to check availability before paying, thank you!



Parents fill in a registration form sent by The decision to enrol is taken by the Management according to the number of places available and you will be informed as soon as possible.

Registration allows parents to book a spot for their child. However, the child will only be accepted for holiday club if payment for the chosen session or period has been made in advance.


Payment can be made online or by bank transfer. Cash payments are not accepted. Bank details are:
IBAN : CH90 0076 7000 H528 9945 2
L’écoline SA – 7 chemin de la Venoge – 1025 St-Sulpice

Absences due to illness or holidays do not entitle  to any reduction; the spot is booked in all cases.


The school does not cover any accidents. Each student must have accident and liability insurance.