Connecting with Nature: Forest ateliers for 2.5 – 4.5 years old

CHF 160.00

September 2024

This atelier will be in French but the atelierista speaks english too.

Every Wednesday, we’re off on a mission of exploration around St-Sulpice. In the forest, on the beach or on the banks of the Venoge river, there are so many things to discover, so many questions to ask, so many opportunities to play and marvel.
The program is built around the seasons, current discoveries and children’s interests: observations, stories, seasons, sharing, creativity, games, wild cooking,…

Details :
Every Wednesday except school vacations 8:45-11:45 a.m., starting September 4 2024
For children aged 2.5 to 4.5 (6 children minimum, 10 maximum) who no longer wear diapers.

Fee: 160 chf per month (support fee: 180 chf/month), year-round enrolment

Angeline is bilingual in French and English and will be accompanied by an assistant. In case of bad weather, the children will be able to go to the écoline day-care center.

Please ask for availability in advance to:

Terms and conditions

The decision to enrol is taken by the Management according to the number of places available and you will be informed as soon as possible.

Registration allows parents to book a spot for their child. However, the child will only be accepted for the atelier if payment for the chosen session or period has been made in advance.

Absences due to illness or holidays do not entitle to any reduction; the spot is booked in all cases.

The school does not cover any accidents. Each student must have accident and liability insurance.

After receiving a confirmation by e-mail, you can then finalize your payment (trimester paiments) on the shop or by bank transfer to :

Bank details
IBAN : CH90 0076 7000 H528 9945 2
L’écoline SA – 7 chemin de la Venoge – 1025 St-Sulpice

Time limit for withdrawal

Withdrawal before the beginning of term

Notification of withdrawal must be notified by 10 July at the latest, as evidenced by the postmark. Past this date and up to the first day of the school year, the equivalent of 50% of the fee for the first accounting trimester (from 1st September to 31st of December) will be charged.

Withdrawal during the academic year

The departure of l’eĢcoline during the academic year must be notified to the Direction by registered post (the date of the postmark being proof):
• postmarked by 31st October for a departure at the end of the 1st accounting trimester (31st December)
• postmarked by 31st January for a departure at the end of the second accounting trimester (31st March)

• After the abovementioned deadlines, the trimester which has started and the following trimester are payable in full.