Atelier Feelgood

CHF 100.00CHF 375.00


L’écoline welcomes children for a Feelgood workshop on Tuesdays from 4 to 4.45 pm for 4-6-year-olds (school) and 4:45-5:30 for 3-4 years old.

Program: Wobbel Yoga, drawing, dance, philosophical discussions and emotions.
Through the practice of yoga and relaxation, children develop their motor skills, use their imagination, take the necessary break to assimilate what they have learned, build their self-confidence, develop relationships with the world and with others, etc.
The Wobbel (curved wooden board) brings an even more playful and complete-dimension to these yoga classes. The child learns to tame the Wobbel which develops his balance and coordination. Thanks to the multiple combinations made possible by the Wobbel, children can more easily take up yoga practice.

Provide soft and comfortable clothing and the possibility of going barefoot.

Responsible: Valentina Ospina