Amplifying our way of learning and creativity

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An afternoon outdoors to connect with nature and ourselves


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November 13 2022, 10-16h

In French.

The art of mentoring through connection to nature according to the 8 shields practice

A day designed for people accompanying children – teachers, educators, parents.
A time to connect to our deepest nature, to reveal what is really alive in us in order to
to transmit it.
Through practices of connection to nature, we will awaken and live together the attributes of connection to the living: empathy, creativity, acceptance of self and others, curiosity and enthusiasm. Through sensory awakening practices such as sit-spot*, story sharing, sensory games, gratitude circle, we will awaken these attributes in ourselves and learn the art of Mentoring which is the basis of knowledge transmission in traditional societies.
A day that opens up new possibilities through the experience of the learning process that engages the whole being.

*Sit-spot or medicine spot: a key practice of connection that consists of choosing a place in nature and returning to it often to
to come back often in order to listen, see, feel what surrounds us and create deep links with the living.

Modalities: The afternoon will be outdoors, in the forest/canapé forestier at La Sarraz.


  • Angeline Coduri, Director of our Parascolaire section, Educator and Atelierista passionate about nature, complemented by her training in education on the environment by Nature – SILVIVA.
  • Valentina Ospina, Naturopath, leads nature and storytelling groups at l’écoline. Mentor and 8 shields trainee.

Registration and paiments by email to

Price: 240./person (reductions possible).

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